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Pterodactyl Ltd.®

Pterodactyl Ltd.® is a company registered in England with production facilities located in the Czech Republic. We are primarily focused on production of aircraft from WWI & WWII eras. We represent more than 16 years experience in construction and pre-series production of aircraft in the ultra light category (ULL).

Pterodactyl Ltd.® manufactures airworthy replicas and static displays designed especially for film purposes and exhibitions. The company puts emphasis on maintaining maximum authenticity in manufacturing processes, refinement of detail and reliability. The aircraft produced are thoroughly tested in accordance with standards set by Pterodactyl Flight® for subsequent serial production to be displayed in simulated aerial combat in major airshows.

Its activities are partly attempting to resurrect skills and abilities of forgotten ancestors and pioneers – aeronauts, on whose experience was acquired at a high cost that today's aviation is based. It would be a great shame if people today underestimated their ancestors and perceived their creations, masterpieces at that time, as something amusing.


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Begins a long and intensive preparation for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.
The sizes chart for the Sidcot War Office Pattern 9686 flight suit was added to our website.